Tree Care

Your trees are a big investment! Protect your trees with our 100% eco-friendly organic kelp nutrient spray and systemic insect control.

Kelp Spray
Our liquid kelp product is:

We use a foliar application because plant leaf systems are up to 8 times more effective than roots for absorbing and processing nutrients. For greener, healthier trees that are more resistant to the effects of heat and insect infestation, we have found nothing better than the kelp product we use. Our product has a long track record of over 50 years in both agricultural and home environments.

Systemic Insect Injection
With just one spring treatment, our systemic, soil injected insect control will protect your trees for a full growing season and will provide defense against most insect infestations. We have seen record numbers of aphids and boring insect damaged trees over the last several years, which could have been prevented with our once per year treatment.

Boring Insect Damage

Leaf Roller

Tip Blight

Ground Injected Systemic

Needle Cast

Spruce Gall

Price Guide

Kelp Spray Trees up to 20' $15.00 per tree
Shrubs, while on site for trees $2.50 per shrub
Systemic Insect
Trees up to 3" diameter $20.00 per tree
Trees 4-6" diameter $28.00 per tree
Evergreen Tip Disease Pine tip blight from $15.00 per tree
Spruce needle cast from $15.00 per tree
Iron Supplement Maple and Oak trees from $20.00 per tree

Other Services

Winter Watering From $5.00 each
Tree Wrap
We recommend wrapping your trees for the first 5 years to protect from moisture loss and UV damage.
From $7.00 each

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